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Ark of the Covenant (Large)

Ark of the Covenant (Large)
Ark of the Covenant (Large)

This 38-piece wood model of the Ark of the Covenant is ideal for all purposes to build and display. Easy to assemble and a fun project for anyone alone or with a partner.

Assembly requires glue, sold separately. Each of the pieces are clearly numbered for ease and convenience.

The enclosed instruction sheet includes 13 easy-to-follow pictures, and will guide you step by step to build the Holy Ark of the Covenant correctly. Just follow the directions and you can't go wrong!

The top of the ark is removable, to display the Staff of Aaron the High Priest and the Tablets inside.

Recommended for ages 9 & up.

Dimensions (WxLxH)







(of ark and cherubs)    








The length of the staves is 16 cm (6.29 inch)

Our price: 30.00 US$
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